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Paper is too valuable to waste

Around the world we use 1 million tonnes of paper every day. Too much of this paper usage is wasteful and unnecessary and puts huge pressures on the environment.

Impacts of the pulp and paper sector on forests

Paper production is increasing the ecological footprint on forests, notwithstanding around 40% of the world’s commercially cut timber for paper production is sourced from man created forests.

Why save paper?

Paper usage in many parts of the word is on the rise. Expanding production and pulp wood harvesting threatens some of the last remaining natural forests and the people and wildlife that depend on them.

The world´s paper hunger also significantly contributes to climate change.

While some of this timber for pulp and paper is grown in well-managed forests, the rest is sourced from illegal logging, which is responsible for the destruction of old-growth and high conservation value forests and threatens natural habitats.

For example, the remaining natural forests in Sumatra, Borneo, New Guinea, Russian Far East, Southern Chile and the Atlantic forest region in Brazil are endangered because of growing demand for pulpwood.

The forests maintain the world’s abundant biodiversity, essential for life on Earth. The activities of the pulp and paper sector in the aformentioned places not only threaten the forests but also the habitats of several rare wildlife species.

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